2017-03-12 14:06 #0 by: vendelay

Gift ideas for and from vegans!

  • A fruit basket - fill it with fruits or vegetables or vegan soaps or rare vegan foods or flowers and seeds or...
  • A scented candle! Read more >here<
  • A subscription for a vegan magazine - maybe Vegan LifestyleVegan LifeThe Vegan Magazine or another vegan magazine? 
  • Handwritten letters - reasons why the person is loved, "coupons" for things like taking the dishes or cleaning their room, a bucket list of things to do together.
  • Handmade jewellery - a cute friendship bracelet or maybe a beautiful necklace?
  • Homemade goodies - cookies, muffins, marmalade, a dinner, a luxurious breakfast in bed.
  • An activity - go camping, take a long walk in the woods, go climbing, visit a new place, do volunteer work together.
  • Homemade beauty products - simple sugar body scrubs, bath bombs, cute soaps, bath salt.
  • Homemade luxurious chocolates - use an ice cube tray and pour melted vegan chocolate and stuff with whatever you like, maybe berries or nuts or coconut flakes?
  • Porcelain - cute cups, plates, bowls. If you buy plain one colored ones you can paint them yourself!
  • Ornaments - some decorations for the window or a new vase maybe?
  • Paintings - make some art!
  • A handwritten cook book - with all your best vegan recipes!
  • A book - you've read & loved.
  • Give to charity in their name - give money to animal shelters, plant some trees, give away a sponsorship for polar bears etc.
  • Clothing - funny and clever vegan T-shirts or a cute hat that says "Vegan".
  • A gift card - for stores with vegan stuff of course!

This list is just for inspiration, most gifts you already give away are probably vegan. The few none vegan things are easy to replace. Do you have more ideas? Comment below!