2017-03-14 12:38 #0 by: vendelay

Going vegan is often viewed as a huge step, a new way of living totally unlike the way you live today. Here I list my best tips for going vegan!

  • Know why - we know that the animals we kill to eat have feelings just like us. They get sad, happy, angry, scared and hurt. Are their life less important than your taste buds? In tiny Sweden 15 000 male chickens are killed each day in the egg industry. In the U.S. more than 150 billion animals (including marine animals) are killed for food each year. They deserve better.
  • Keep learning - never stop asking questions and never stop learning. Knowledge is power and with power you can change the world.
  • Find friends - none vegans can sometimes get a bit... Unhelpful when you want to go vegan. Find people, in real life or online, to support you because it makes such a difference knowing you're not alone.
  • No perfection needed - everyone makes mistakes and that's okay as long as you learn from them. You make a huge difference by trying to be vegan, for the animals, the planet, the people and your own health.
  • Replace animal products - replace meat with seitan. Replace your burger with one made from soy. Replace milk with plantbased options, such as almond och oat milk.
  • Try new things - you don't need to give up foods to be vegan, there are many options out there for you! Fruits, vegetables, dishes from other countries etc that you've never even heard about.

It has never been easier to become vegan than it is today. You can buy ready meals, snacks, candy, meat substitutes, anything you like to eat. There's billions of vegan recipes on the web and you can literally google everything (you might have to be a bit critical of your sources though...) There are more and more all vegan clothing and shoe brands, vegan brands for make up and beauty products and all the things you need in your day-to-day life.

The single most "helpful" thing for me is remembering what the animals go through. Watch documentaries, read statistics, visit a slaughterhouse and try to tell yourself that your enjoyment is more valuable than a life.

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