2017-03-22 22:17 #0 by: vendelay

Do you want to live more friendly, more peaceful, more vegan?

I need to start this off by saying that Veganism Savvity does not advocate "baby steps" (because you wouldn't advocate baby steps when it comes to other forms of oppression, right? Would it be okay to only kill black people once a week or to only rape women sometimes?) but at the same time every step in the right direction is good. This is a guide for you who might not be able to go vegan overnight but still wants to go vegan.

Don't eat corpses or stuff that comes out of someone's body! Replace meat with soy protein, tofu, seitan, beans, nuts or whatever it is you like. Replace dairy products with plantbased options like oat cream, rice milk, almond ice cream, soybased cheese. Try new recipes, new spices, new fruits and tastes and new everything. I promise that there's a whole world of food out there that you've never tried, maybe not even heard of.

Don't wear other animals body parts! We have so many other options like cotton or plant-based glue or even fake leather if you're into that.

Replace your everyday products! When buying new things, make sure it's vegan. Things like beauty or hygien products, dish soap, cleaning products etc can all be found vegan. Buying everything new at the same time is often too expensive so I suggest you buy a vegan alternative when you're running out of something you would have bought anyway.

Make a list of "unvegan" things you do! Do you really need to kill that bug when you just could help it outside? Maybe you could encourage someone else to have a vegan day a week? If you have a lot of freetime you might consider doing some volunteer work or if you have a little more money than you need you might consider supporting some volunteer organization?

Don't use others misery as your amusement! Instead of visiting the zoo, have a picnic in the woods. Instead of participating in tourist activities like taking pictures with wild animals, swimming with dolphins or going on a safari you could go hiking or diving to see animals (without disturbing or abusing them) or maybe climb a mountain or just sit in the middle of the biggest shopping mall you can find and watch humans do all kinds of weird stuff.

Use Google! Nowadays you can literally google anything and everything. You will most likely do mistakes (I've done plenty) but that is not the end of the world. You are still making a difference by trying. Some things I've learned along the way: razors sometimes have a polyurethane moisture strip containing animal products, jeans often have labels with the brand on the back and these labels are often made in real leather, most shoes are glued together with glue containing animal products. Not even all toothpastes are vegan! So weird.

Useful links:
Vegan cleaning products (everything on their page is vegan)
Vegan & natural cleaning products
Vegan beauty products (make sure to stay in their "vegan" category)
Vegan make up (make sure to stay in their "vegan" category)
Or just google "vegan" + the thing you need. For example: "vegan soap" or "vegan shoes".

And never be afraid of asking questions!