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Best vegan food for proteins

2017-03-08 13:08 #0 by: Niklas

Proteins are one of the things non-vegans say is hard to find in vegan food. Lentils, soy beans, quinoa, kick peas, black beans, peanuts, pistachio nuts, almond are examples of vegetarian food with as much or more protein than meat.

What's your favorite protein vegan food?

2017-03-08 16:17 #1 by: vendelay

I love beans, especially navy beans! And nuts, and well, almost everything that's edibleInnocent

2017-03-08 16:34 #2 by: Niklas

Navy beans, what's that?

2017-03-08 16:41 #3 by: vendelay

Basic white beans, big white beans Thumbs up

2017-03-08 16:46 #4 by: Niklas


2017-03-08 20:04 #5 by: Grodan

Pumkin seeds

2017-03-08 21:36 #6 by: Wowy

Beans, lentils, tofu and nuts are the things I can think of now.


because I do not see a reason not to be one


2017-03-09 08:30 #7 by: vendelay

What's your favorite, Niklas? Glad

2017-03-09 10:04 #8 by: Tealover

Back before I had to stop eating gluten I loved some seitan, not all but some. And it's fun to do to (maybe thats why I liked it?)

But I'm a big fan of beans, mostly kiney and fava I think, and the nuts and seeds I can eat

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