Espresso House - vegan options!

2017-03-09 21:57 #0 by: vendelay

Espresso House is a coffee shop with cafes in Norway, Sweden and Finland (mostly Sweden though). They doesn't have loooots of vegan stuff but the things they have are really great. For example they have a delicious spinach wrap with beans (my favorite!) and a sandwich with avocado and carrots. I think they also have things like overnight oats and maybe oatmeal. They may have more stuff but I think these are the only more "food-ier" options. Their chocolate oat ball are vegan as well!

2017-09-01 12:59 #1 by: vendelay

They have a breakfast sandwich now too with avocado. The only "downside" is that, in my experience, t's the most popular of their breakfast sandwiches so if you're not quick enough someone else will eat the last one before you're even in line Laughing

2017-09-11 21:28 #2 by: vendelay

This is what their wrap looks like. Yummy!


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