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Do you know your veggies?

2017-03-20 21:28 #0 by: vendelay

Or is a fruit? Confused

Question 1/10

Are there purple carrots?

2017-03-20 21:29 #1 by: vendelay

I don't know what happend to the picture of the kiwi, it was fine before I published it Sad

2017-03-20 22:50 #2 by: Niklas

7/10. The kiwi looked fine to me.

2017-03-21 06:02 #3 by: vendelay

#2 Weird, for me the background and a part of the kiwi is black, like someone used Paint to cover up stuff. Idk.

2017-03-21 10:16 #4 by: Tealover

7 out of 10

2017-03-21 10:50 #5 by: vendelay

Great work!

2017-03-21 17:38 #6 by: Jenny

9/10. I know my veggies, except cauliflower Laughing out loud


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