The hardest aspect of being vegan

2017-03-27 08:15 #0 by: Niklas

What are the hardest things about being a vegan? How do you cope with them?

2017-03-27 12:02 #1 by: vendelay

I live in Stockholm (the capital of Sweden) so food is never a problem. Clothes, shoes, beauty products and all that stuff is also easy to find in Stockholm but of course also online. The only thing I'm having a hard time coping with is other people. That was also one of my biggest concerns when I first went vegan, it took a really long time for me to be able to proudly tell others that I'm vegan. I still get shy and look away when I have to tell people I don't know Looser

I have never started a discussion or whatever with someone but everyone does that with me when they find out I'm vegan. Mostly they sarcastically ask questions and don't let me answer them... 

Other difficult things can be googled and then you know the answer but people are trickier. If I want to buy vegan jeans I can just google that but there's no bullet proof way of dealing with angry humans.

2017-03-27 13:28 #2 by: Niklas

Are they angry or just ignorant?

2017-03-27 13:33 #3 by: vendelay

Both! I guess most of them are ignorant but come off as angry. I don't really get why they get so defensive. It's not like they ask me what I want to eat and I say "well, not corpses!" you know. I just say that I'm vegan and then people freak out Laughing out loud

2017-03-27 15:03 #4 by: Tealover

Eating out (or going out for tea), again I'm not vegan but I eat alot of vegetarian food. Add to that my food intollerenses and it's nearly impossible to find places to eat

2017-03-27 15:17 #5 by: vendelay

#4 Yeah, I can understand that it must be really difficult with all your food intolerances. I can't eat too much pineapple or pomegranate but I'm not allergic to anything so that makes it easy for me.

2017-03-28 16:03 #6 by: TicTac

Hygiene products and shoes kan be difficult... part from that I don't think it's very hard.

We don't eat out much, but when we do, wo go to restaurants we know have vegetarian alternatives.