2017-03-27 18:03 #0 by: vendelay

20-30 minutes, 4-6 portions.

400 g pasta (I usually go for fusilli)
280 g canned corn
1 small leek
1 big red pepper
4 dl vegan option for crème fraîche (in Sweden we have Oatly iFraiche made on oats)
2 bags of fajitas spice mix (about 60 g)
½-1 dl sweet chili sauce
Something to replace the meat - soy bites or in my case 1 zucchini

How to:
1. Cook the pasta (and if necessary fry your "bites" in a pan).
2. Drain the corn and chop the leek and pepper (and the zucchini, if you're using that).
3. Mix the vegan crème fraîche with fajitas and sweet chili.
4. Mix everything together - the pasta, veggies and sauce.