Stockholm terror attack

2017-04-10 14:40 #0 by: vendelay

On Friday the 7th of April 2017 Stockholm, Sweden, was attacked by terrorists. 5 lives were taken and several individuals got injured. This is the first terror attack in Sweden where anyone actually got killed (except for the terrorist) and this is why Veganism Savvity have been very inactive the last couple of days.

I live and work in Stockholm and I was just a few blocks away. Luckily I had someone nearby where I could spend the evening safetly. My heart is breaking for those who aren't with us anymore and everyone this affected.

Now we spread love. Love is the only way to stop terrorism.

2017-04-12 10:55 #1 by: be vegan

I have no words to describe how horrible this is Flower

Flowersite moderator for veganism savvityFlower

2017-04-12 17:52 #2 by: Grodan


2017-05-28 00:34 #3 by: Granja Del Toro

I heard about it in the news. It was terrible and sad. I have a cousin in Stockholm, thankfully she was not one of the victims..

2017-05-28 12:31 #4 by: vendelay

#3 I'm glad your cousin is okay!


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