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2017-07-21 08:56 #0 by: Evelina

Maybe I am just picky, but I always struggle to find anything vegan to eat when I am travelling. I am wondering if anyone has any advice? Do you bring your own food? Do you eat before you arrive to the airport? On the long flights (10 hours) back to California I always order a vegan meal. However, last time Norwegian gave my vegan meal to someone else on accident and they gave me vegetarian instead. I couldnt even eat if I wanted to because I am lactose intolerant and it had cheese on it. Thanks in advance (:

2017-09-01 09:05 #1 by: vendelay

I always bring something to eat because I love eating... Innocent I can't give advice at airports or on flights because I never use them but I travel by train for a couple of hours sometimes. In Sweden it's easy to find something vegan, at least at train stations they always have stores like Pressbyrån or 7eleven and both of them have vegan bars, sandwiches, fruit etc. Espresso House is usually at every "travel center point" in Sweden and they have at least 2 vegan sandwiches and a chocolate ball.

But I usually bring some kind of bar because it's easy tp eat and it doesn't take up space but you still get full (or at least un-hungry Quiet). Some examples, in Sweden, are Itrim Raspberry Chococrisp Controlbar, Clifbars, Rawbars and probably more that I can't think of now.


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