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“The Underlying Reason Why People Hate Vegans”

2017-08-04 10:45 #0 by: Wowy

It can be so difficult to accept something as 'the truth' when it goes against something that we have previously and still currently believe to be true.

Instead of compassionately listening and being open to how people perceive situations, what facts they have, or the knowledge they hold, we attempt to shut one another down to prove that our point reigns and anything that differs is nonsense—which is a mild word compared to the extreme reactions I’ve read or heard thousands of times when people refuse point blank to hear one another out.

Whenever we do not understand something, our automatic primal instinct is fear. We are afraid of what we don’t know, or understand, and rather than opening to it and moving to a place of vulnerability so that we can allow the possibility of new information, we close off, put on armor, and prepare our defenses.



because I do not see a reason not to be one


2017-09-11 11:04 #1 by: Niklas

Do people in general hate vegans? I think vegans for long haven't been taken seriously. To a great extent I think that is the fault of some early adopters who attempted to make a point and failed miserably.

The first I heard about vegans, without even knowing what they were, was news about "militant vegans" who set caged animals free. Animals that according to the news reports could not live in the wild like that. This was long ago but first impresssions are important. It took a long time until I started listening to vegan reasoning. Hate is not something I have ever felt towards vegans.

2017-09-11 20:59 #2 by: vendelay

#0 I agree. Nothing more to add.

#1 My experience is: yes, people hate vegans. Some people are annoyed by vegans, some people mock vegans but some people really HATE vegans. I've honestly walked into restaurants and the people working there have laughed straight to my face when I asked for vegan options... Tbh, I rarely even tell people that I'm vegan because of all the hate I get. My relatives got so mad with me that they didn't talk to me for several months and they even got angry with my non-vegan sister for defending me... 


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