LaMadelynn - vegan youtuber

2017-08-30 18:03 #0 by: vendelay

LaMadelynn is one of my favorite youtubers. She doesn't necessarily talk that much about veganism but all the products she recommends etc are vegan and she's really fun and cute. She does however have a bunch of vegan recipe videos and this one is one of my favorites. Everything looks soooo good! In love

2017-08-31 06:15 #1 by: Niklas

I had never heard of chocolate chip pancakes before. They looked good though.

2017-08-31 10:11 #2 by: vendelay

#1 It's good if you like pancakes and chocolate! I usually just use flour, whatever kind of plantbased milk I have at home, (vegan) butter and choco chips. Easy peasy!


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