2017-09-04 12:00 #0 by: vendelay

"I carry a bit of extra weight, I am into guys and I enjoy cruelty-free food and drink."

Fat Gay Vegan is a blog run by a dude who writes posts about new vegan products, animal sanctuaries, self love and how to find vegan food at events, for example at a Pride event. Frequently updated and lots of good information.

One blog post I really like is one from January this year. >"Vegan means vegan for a reason"< where he writes:

"Someone who chooses to live vegan has committed to remove use of, or dependency on, animal-derived products as much as they possibly can in order to reduce harm and suffering to non-human animals.

If you don’t follow that train of thinking or living, you are not vegan. Simple.

This is not an attack on non-vegans. I used to be one and some of the people I love most on the planet are not vegan."