2017-08-31 17:44 #0 by: vendelay

The Swedish Savvity site, iFokus, has a big problem with transphobia and some problems with most things that aren't white, cis and according to the norm. Because of that I want to be extra clear about Veganism Savvity:

EVERYONE is welcome here. We will not judge you based on your skincolor, sexuality, your pronoms, the amount of fingers or legs or other body parts you have. No one is allowed to be mean to you or make you feel uncomfortable or even unsafe because of the way you decide to represent yourself and your body.

I know life is hard but I sincerely believe we can fight this phobic, hatefull, greedy society together. Hang in there, it gets better. Please, always tell me if something seems wrong in here - if I or someone else does anything wrong, if someone is mean to you in private messages etc. I'm here for you.

Veganism means love for all. All humans, pigs, hens, cats, rats and everyone else Heart