2017-09-25 11:00 #0 by: vendelay

This is what bacon looks like. In reverse. 

This footage is not from Sweden but I thought you could use some facts. Sweden is, after all, known for being one of the best countries in the entire world when it comes to animal welfare. So let's talk about Swedish pigs.

  • 1% of pigs in Sweden are allowed to go outside. The rest NEVER get to see the sun or feel the grass. They live their enitre (very short) lives on concrete.
  • Pigs are held in groups of 10 in an area of 9 square meter. Consider that they weigh over 100 kg.
  • In Sweden it's forbidden to cut their tails of but living so close to each other makes the pigs develop strange behaviours like biting them off.
  • When ready for slaughter the pigs are put to sleep using carbon dioxide. Yes, like Hitler did. They are alive for almost a minute, screaming and fighting for their lives to breathe before they die.

Please, go vegan. Is your taste buds really worth this amount of suffering?