2017-10-14 13:50 #0 by: vendelay

I was googling around and stumbled across a list called 17 things to never say ta a veggie. So many accurate points and some seriously irritating ones that I felt the need to write about it. There are more than 17 things on their list, I'm just gonna choose the ones that annoys me the most. Let's begin...

1. Where do you get your protein?
I'm sorry but people are stupid. Help them google protein if you get this question.

2. You can't have / eat that!
I CAN eat whatever I want. I just choose to not kill those who wants to live.

3. I couldn't be vegan - I love bacon and cheese too much!
Firstly, do you honestly love bacon more than the pig loves his/hers life? Do you honestly love cheese more than the calf loves his/hers mommas milk? Secondly, you do know bacon gives you cancer and cheese blocks your arteries, right?

4. I'm nearly vegan - I only eat *animal product* once a week!
No, you're not even close to being vegan. Veganism isn't a diet. You can't kill people on fridays and claim you're a good person the rest of the week, that doesn't make sense.

5. What if you were trapped in a dessert / on an island with only meat to eat?
I mean, thank you for your concern but are you trapped in a dessert / on an island or why are you eating meat??

6. Lions eat meat.
Oh, I'm sorry, I honestly thought you were human. You really don't look like a typical lion to me, but hey, what do I know.

7. But plants have feelings too!
So you think it's equally bad to kick a dog and kick a carrot? Well, in that case - we'd kill less veggies if everyone went vegan because that way the animals wouldn't eat all the plants and we could feed it to people instead.

8. We have canines!
Do you usually rip the meat of the animal or do you usually use a knive and a fork? Yeah, thought so.

9. I love animals but being vegan is too extreme.
Super duper extreme to eat veggies when you could just hang a cow upside down, slit their throats, cut them into pieces and put them on a plate.

10. Don't you miss meat?
Sure, I can miss the taste or certain dishes. But you know, I also miss having my mom washing my clothes and not having to pay bills - but I ain't gonna force my mom do wash for me or force the bank to give me free cash. Even if I would miss meat, it's not worth someone elses life.

11. But fish is okay, right?
Yes, fish are commonly known as underwater tomatoes?? (No, fish are not vegetables in case you actually was wondering)

12. You know a vegan diet is really unhealthy for you, right?
You know meat, dairy and eggs are really unhealthy for you, right?

13. You shouldn't force your diet on your child.
And what exactly do you think you're doing to your child? 

NOTE: I'm all for answering your questions as long as they are sincere and as long as you atually listen to my answer. I just can't stand all these rude comments from people who don't even care to listen to what I say.