2017-10-21 16:00 #0 by: vendelay

Have you notice any changes in your health since you went vegan?

The only one I actually have experienced is a healthier eh... Stomach Toungle If you know what I mean hehe! I've heard that's because you normally eat more fibers as a vegan, but I honestly have no idea. It's an annoying but good thing I guess Silly

Another thing is that I'm more aware of what the body needs. I probably wouldn't have figured out that I was low in B12 and vitamine D if I hadn't gone vegan, but no one ever talked about that before. I ate all kinds of stuff before I went vegan but I still didn't get enough B12 and vitamine D, but now, after I went vegan, I make sure to get enough of those important little thingys and I'll have my blood result back in a few weeks Glad