2017-10-22 15:00 #0 by: vendelay

Are you one of those people who just can't live without cheese? What would make you change your mind? Read this list of reasons to stop eating cheese and let me know if you still want to put it in your body.

  1. Milk contains pus.
    Yupp. You heard me. Mastits is inflammation in the udder and one of the leading causes of death in adult dairy cows. The udder gets sore and pus from the infected area drips down in the milk.

  2. It's almost only saturated fat and cholesterol.
    It clogs up your arteries, putting you in a higher risk of having thrombus / blood clot.

  3. It often contains baby cows' stomachs.
    Rennet is used in almost all cheese, it is enzyms produced in the calves' stomach to help them digest their mother's milk. Rennet is found in unweaned calves' stomachs, in baby cows' bellies so young they haven't even stopped nursing yet.

  4. Mass murder is wrong.
    More than 400 000 cows was slaughtered in tiny Sweden in 2016. 60 % of all the meat from cows that you find in stores are from dairy cows or their calves.

  5. Feminism should include more than just humans.
    Cheese is a products of rape, kidnapping and killing. The farmer impregnates the cow using sperm from a bull, with a huge needle into her uterus and the farmers arm in her rectum. In Sweden the calves are either taken directly after birth or within 24 hours. 24 hours together is maximum.

  6. It's freakin' weird to drink another species' baby milk.
    Why don't we drink the lactation from dogs or mice or any other mammal? Probably because we're not puppies or baby mice. Why don't we drink our mothers' breat milk at an adult age? Because that's just weird! Grow up and stop stealing other babies' milk.

  7. It's bad for your belly.
    Some people are lactose intolerante but most people have trouble digesting cow's milk even if they aren't intolerante. It's one of the biggest causes of IBS and your belly is not happy about it.

  8. You're not a murderer.
    You can not drink cow's milk or eat dairy products without paying for mama cows to be raped, without papa cows being held inside for their entire lives (in Sweden (a.k.a. the counrty with one of the world's best animal welfare laws!) bulls are kept inside ALL THE TIME. There's no law against it, so no one cares.), without baby cows being kidnapped and killed for veal.

Do you still feel the need to eat cheese? Then I've got great news for you! There are TONS of vegan cheese (without all the bad shit listed above!), vegan milk, vegan butter, vegan cream and so on. Why would you choose to torture someone when you don't have to?